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From the speech of the head of our country

From the speech of the head of our country


"Further, the violence will lead to a large-scale derailment of the international situation, the withdrawal of new forces into armed conflicts.

All this can lead to tragedies, the consequences of which are not limited to the Middle East region, but also spread to distant lands, the consequences of which cannot be predicted.

It is for this reason that we immediately call on both sides to compromise for humanitarian purposes, stop hostilities and resolve the conflict peacefully.

It is known that the Central Asian region in which we live has a unique experience in the peaceful coexistence of representatives of different nationalities and denominations.

For centuries on this land, Muslims, Christians and Jews have been living side by side in friendship and harmony.

I take this opportunity today to appeal to all our compatriots, first of all, our youth, urging them not to succumb to various false agitations, not to commit acts contrary to the law.

It is necessary that we all together preserve our peaceful and peaceful life, our mutual unity and harmony, our greatest strength, our invaluable wealth" said the head of our state and went to the discussion of issues on the agenda.