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Uzbekistan and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

About the meeting held at the Institute of Diplomatic Studies named after Prince Saud al-Faisal under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


On may 30, 2023, as part of the visit of the leadership of the University of world economy and diplomacy (UWED) to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), a meeting was held at the Prince Saud al-Faisal Institute for Diplomatic Studies under the KSA Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


At the meeting, the issues of establishing cooperation between the Diplomatic academy at UWED set up at the initiative of the President of Uzbekistan were discussed and the following agreements were reached:

- Organization mutual staff exchange with the aim of delivering lectures on the issues of the current situation in the regions of Central Asia and the Middle East;

- Conducting a joint scientific conference in the third quarter of 2023 on further enhancing collaboration between the regions of Central Asia and the Middle East, including analysis of the current dynamics of Uzbek-Saudi relations;

- Organization of short-term training courses for attendees of the Diplomatic academy on a free of charge basis in the city of Riyadh;

- Organization of training courses in the city of Riyadh for specialists in the field of banking and finance of Uzbekistan in the fields of Islamic finance;

- Organization of training courses in the fields of economic diplomacy for young diplomats;


Meetings and dialogues were held in a constructive spirit. The leadership of the Institute for Diplomatic Studies has stated its interest in further expanding the scope of cooperation with the UWED.